Financial Aid

Essentially verification is an audit of FAFSA data. If selected, students must complete the verification process before financial aid funds are awarded. Students unable to complete verification prior to school starting will need to find an alternative method of payment for tuition and fees in order to hold classes. Verifications will continue to be processed throughout the semester. Once verification is complete, students will be considered a late award and be refunded accordingly.

A few tips for a quick and successful verification process:

As listed on the "Apply for Financial Aid" tab, when filling out the FAFSA, it is best to "Link to IRS", where your tax information is automatically uploaded into the FAFSA. DO NOT CHANGE any of the imported information. By doing this the verification process will go much quicker and a tax return transcript will not be required. Also, providing a good e-mail address for both student and parent (if applicable) on the FAFSA application is important. Student and parent e-mail addresses need to be different. Keep an eye out for e-mails from "Student Aid Processing".

If you have more than one child enrolled at NCTC and will fill out the FAFSA, make sure the parent e-mail is DIFFERENT for each of your children. This will facilitate a smoother verification process.

NCTC Verification Process

Our processing team will send an e-mail to the student with the subject line, "More Financial Aid Info Needed." The e-mail will come from Student Aid Processing.

Student will click on the Personal URL (PURL) provided in e-mail and will follow the instructions to submit the required documents. (i.e. Create username and password, provide parent information if needed, and submit required documents). After all needed documents are submitted, then student will "Submit package for Review."

Once dependent student registers his/her account the parent will be sent an e-mail with their own Personal URL (PURL) link to create an account and submit the required documents. Parents will also "Submit Package for Review" after all required documents are submitted.

Once parent has submitted all required documents, then student will be required to "Submit Package for Review."

Dependent student must submit package AFTER parent has submitted package for review.

After the package has been submitted for review by the student it will take up to fourteen business days to process.


Both student and parent (if applicable) will need to create their own accounts with the Personal URL (PURL) link in e-mail.

If tax information is needed, you have two choices. Either log onto your FAFSA application at , choose make corrections, and "Link to IRS" in the financial information section, sign application with PIN number and submit correction. If this option will not work, call 1-800-829-1040 and request a TAX RETURN TRANSCRIPT from the IRS. This document can be mailed to you within 7-10 business days or faxed to YOU ONLY for privacy purposes.

If you think you have made mistakes on the FAFSA application, you can correct mistakes by going to and choose "Make Corrections". If you are unsure about needing to make a correction or do not feel comfortable making a correction on your own feel free to come to the Financial Aid Office for help.