It is important for all faculty and staff involved in distance learning to understand task responsibilities and timelines. As a result, this page lists major semester startup tasks. Please note that ALL support requests should be directed to the eCampus Help Desk. Contact the eLearning Department if you have any questions or concerns about the items on this page.



Department Chair or Coordinator

Adding faculty to additional courses

Request must be made by department chair or coordinator, one week prior to semester startup



Information Services Department

Create courses in Canvas for the semester

Two months prior to semester startup




Merged roster request

One week prior to semester startup


Request course setup support

Course setup requests should be made no later than two weeks prior to semester startup


Archive and save course to local drive or external storage

Immediately upon semester completion



eLearning Department

eLearning Department Newsletter

First of each month


Publish training calendar for the semester

Week prior to semester startup, and during In-Service


Student Needs Assessment

Annually in the fall


Faculty Needs Assessment

Annually in the spring


Course preparation workshop

Early summer and three weeks prior to semester startup