Be willing to share experiences as part of the learning process.

Communicate with your instructor and peers politely. As you build relationships you may learn a great deal from one another. Active participation in your course ensures a meaningful learning experience.

You are what you write.

Your instructor and peers see only what you write. As a result, write clearly and use correct grammar. Never respond in anger. Always allow time to cool down before posting to the discussion board, replying to an email, etc. To avoid conflict always think through your written responses before posting them online. You may also find the following online writing resources useful:

Plain Language Action and Information Network

Purdue Online Writing Lab

The Elements of Style

UW - Madison: Writer's Handbook

Pay attention to detail - read all course information carefully!

Print a copy of the course syllabus. Make a special note of all assignments and due dates. Pay careful attention to submission requirements, like which dropbox to use for submission. Login to Canvas frequently to check course communications.

Demonstrate strong self-motivation.

Your online course will require as much time as a face-to-face course. Set goals and define a timeline for course participation. Commit your time and energy to staying up-to-date with coursework. It is difficult to catch up once you fall behind.

Avoid distractions when you are working on your online course.

Find a quiet place to focus on your work.

Make sure that you meet the technical requirements for online courses.

Click here to learn more about technology requirements for online and hybrid courses at NCTC.

Speak up and let your instructor know if you are having problems.

Early resolution of academic and/or technical difficulties impacts course success or failure. Check the course syllabus for the instructor’s contact information.

Do not procrastinate on assignments.

Technical difficulties could prevent last minute completion. Backup all assignments and course communications, either digitally or in hard copy.