Tuition Fees

Tuition at North Central Texas College is based on a student's permanent legal place of residence (Texas Education Code 54.008). The three residency classifications are:

  1. In-District Resident (Cooke County or Graham ISD).
  2. In-State*
  3. Out-of-State Resident (including foreign countries).

Students must complete a Residency Questionnaire Form and may also be required to furnish documentary proof, such as a valid Texas Driver's License, to prove resident status.

* In-State rate applies to residents of all Texas counties (except Cooke) and residents of Oklahoma counties contiguous with Cooke who, due to a reciprocal agreement, pay the same tuition rate as Texas residents.

Fees charged at registration, in addition to tuition (Education Code 54.051), consist of a General Use Fee of $30.00 per semester hour (Education Code 130.084), an Out of District Service Fee* (Education Code 130.084) and Laboratory Fees (Education Code 54.501) when applicable.

* An Out of District Service Fee is assessed of all college students who are not residents of Cooke County.

Tuition Rates Per Semester Hour

  In-District In-District Branch Campus
(Graham ISD)
In-State      Out-of-State
(except some Oklahoma)
Tuition $57.00 $57.00 $105.00 $196.00
General Use Fee $34.00 $34.00 $34.00 $34.00
Out of District Service Fee N/A $10.00 $22.00 $36.00
Total per Semester Hour* $91.00 $101.00 $161.00 $266.00

*Exclusive of Laboratory Fee and other costs

The student is responsible for any financial obligation that results from adding or dropping classes at NCTC.

NCTC adheres to the state of Texas policy when refunding tuition and fees.

Dual Credit

Dual Credit students attending high school in the College's service area of Cooke, Denton, and Montague counties and Graham ISD will be charged at a reduced rate.

Three Peat

An additional $60.00 per semester credit hour tuition will be charged to anyone taking a course more than two times at North Central Texas College.

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) does not permit institutions to submit for formula funding any hours for a course that the student previously attempted for two or more times at the same institution, therefore this loss of revenue will be passed on to the user.