Expense Categories

Basically, the cost of attending North Central Texas College for a regular long semester (Fall or Spring) is the sum of expenses in four categories:

  1. Tuition
  2. Fees
  3. Books and supplies
  4. Room and board.

Credit Hour Tuition

The tuition charged for a course is based on two things:

  1. The total number of credit hours for which you're enrolled
  2. Your permanent, legal place of residence.

When a student registers for a course, that course will be worth a certain number of hours of college credit for a semester. Most courses at NCTC are worth three (3) hours of credit, however, there are courses that are worth one (1) credit hour all the way up to six (6) or more hours of credit for any given semester. A student can tell how many hours of credit a particular course is worth by looking at the course identification number.

The second digit in this four-digit number gives the semester-credit-hour value of the course. For example, the English course ENGL 1301 is worth three (3) hours of credit, and the French course FREN 1411 is worth four (4) hours of credit. So, if a student registers for four three-hour courses and one four-hour course, he or she will be enrolled for a total of sixteen (16) semester credit hours.

Tuition, then, would be figured by multiplying the number of credit hours for which a student is enrolled times a tuition rate which is determined according to the student's place of residence.

Place of Residence

NCTC is a public institution that draws a portion of its funding from the State of Texas. Therefore, tuition rates will be higher if a student's permanent legal residence is not in Texas.

This means a student's tuition rate will depend upon one of the following three categories:

  • In-District : Residents of Cooke County and Graham ISD.
  • In-State: Residents of all Texas counties except Cooke, and residents of Oklahoma counties contiguous with Cooke who, due to a reciprocal agreement, pay the same tuition rate as Texas residents.
  • Out-of-State : In addition to residents of states other than Texas, this also includes "international students"- citizens of any country other than the United States.


Students will not be considered officially registered until all tuition and fees required by the College have been paid in full or students have entered into an official payment plan with NCTC. These are payable in advance (at registration) at the beginning of each semester.

Students who are participating in one of the various financial aid programs should take special note of deadlines for application and submission of required materials. Lateness in making application and/or submitting all required information may require such students to pay tuition and fees personally at the time of registration, and they should be prepared to bear these expenses until their awards can be processed. Refer to the separate section in this catalog on Student Financial Aid.