Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Financial aid recipients are required by law to maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by the College. Non-compliance results in disqualification for further financial aid assistance. Copies of the minimum standards of progress necessary to maintain eligibility are available from the NCTC Financial Aid Office or

Financial Aid Students must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress towards an Associate's Degree or approved Certificate Program in order to receive Federal Title IV and/or State Financial Aid.

After each semester the academic records of all Financial Aid Students will be reviewed to determine if Satisfactory Academic Progress is being maintained. A student’s entire academic record is reviewed including all credits earned at prior institutions even if Financial Aid was not used to earn these hours. NCTC transfers credit hours that are applicable to any program of study offered. All hours count toward completion rate, even courses earned as a dual credit student, but the GPA does not get transferred. All students, including transfer students, must submit transcripts from all prior colleges and have them evaluated by the end of the first semester of enrollment. Students without degree evaluations will not be eligible to receive aid for the following term. All Title IV funds awarded are affected by this policy. The requirements for these standards are set by Federal regulations (34CFR 668.34).

Good Standing

A financial aid student is in good standing when they have:

  • Maintained at least a 2.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA) AND
  • Completed 67% of all courses attempted AND
  • Complete degree within the 150% time frame. (i.e. an associate degree of 60 credit hours must be completed within 90 credit hours.

Students entering the Suspension Appeal Process will be evaluated based on their Pace of Academic Progression. Pace of Academic Progression will be measured against the maximum time frame allowable to complete the student's degree or certificate program. If it is determined that a student's rate of academic progression is not attainable, they will be placed on an Academic Plan. Students on an Academic Plan will be required to make sufficient academic progress at the end of each payment period in order to maintain eligibility for Financial Aid.

Repeated Coursework

The regulatory definition for full-time enrollment status for undergraduate students has been revised to allow a student to retake (one time only per previously passed course), any previously passed course. For this purpose, passed means any grade higher than an "F," regardless of any school or program policy requir­ing a higher qualitative grade or mea­sure to have been considered to have passed the course. This retaken class may be counted towards a student's en­rollment status and the student may be awarded Title IV aid for the enrollment status based on inclusion of the class.