Financial Aid

North Central Texas College administers a variety of programs for students who need assistance in financing their education. There are four basic financial aid programs available to students:

  • grants
  • loans
  • work-study employment
  • scholarships.

Each program is funded either through federal, state, institutional, or local sources.

Who Qualifies?

Except for most scholarship programs, eligibility for financial assistance at North Central Texas College is based almost exclusively upon demonstrated need. It is understood, however, that this need varies greatly from one individual to another.  It is the student’s responsibility to inform the college of the need for financial assistance and to provide the information necessary to establish the individual student’s qualifications for such assistance.  Financial Aid is not currently available through federal or state resources for those students who enroll in dual credit, non-credit, or concurrent courses.

The following table is offered as an aid to students in comparing costs of attending North Central Texas College to personal financial resources. Although the prospective student should keep in mind that some figures are estimates, it is hoped that this information will be of assistance in determining relative financial need as it applies to the prospect of applying for financial aid at NCTC.

The costs outlined are based on enrollment for a regular academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) and a class load of 15 hours each semester.

Estimated tuition and fees table
Expenses In-District Out-of-District
In-State Tuition & Fees* $2,550.00 $3,960.00
Books & Supplies $2,100.00 $2,100.00
Room & Board* $5,816.00 $5,816.00
Transportation** $1,692.00 $1,692.00
Personal $1,846.00 $1,846.00
TOTAL $14,004.00 $15,414.00

*Out-of-state tuition & fees - $7,500.00
**Room & Board, Transportation based on off-campus figures.

Financial aid is available for most students who have demonstrated need. It is not awarded until after the student has submitted an application. Again, it is the student's responsibility to inform the college of need and to supply information necessary to establish eligibility.