Application & Eligibility

The NCTC Financial Aid Office encourages prospective college students to apply early for financial aid. FAFSA applications are available to complete as early as October 1st of each year. FAFSA applications may be completed online at, or on the Mobile Phone App at myStudentAid, or applications may be printed, filled out, and mailed directly to FAFSA. The NCTC school code is 003558.

Please note: FAFSA applications are free to all students. Be wary of scams that require payment for the submission of a FAFSA application. FAFSA applications are processed by the U. S. Department of Education. Students are notified by email and/or regular mail as to the status of their financial aid application. Any additional documentation required to complete the financial aid process will be requested through the NCTC Financial Aid Office, also by email or regular mail. Eligibility for financial assistance is established by the data that students and parents input on their FAFSA application. All students who are eligible to receive Federal Financial Aid must be admitted to the college as regular degree-seeking students and show proof that they have graduated from an accredited high school or received a GED.

Application Deadlines

Students must apply for financial aid each academic year. Federal application deadlines are October 1st of the prior year through June 30th of the following year. Priority deadlines may be set by each state or college. NCTC Financial Aid priority deadlines are as follows below.

  • May 1st — Fall Registration
  • October 1st — Spring Registration
  • March 1st — Summer Registration

Meeting the Priority Deadline means that NCTC has received your FAFSA application and any required documents prior to the dates listed above. Any FAFSA application submitted after these dates is considered a late application. The average processing time for a FAFSA application is four to six weeks, beginning with the actual online submission to the school file completion date. Late or incomplete financial aid applications are accepted and processed past the semester priority deadlines, but students will be required to make payment arrangements or pay in full at the time of registration.

Financial Aid Late Awards

Late awards will be processed and disbursed during the appropriate semester for students whose FAFSA applications are incomplete or late. Students whose applications are completed after final exams will receive their disbursements during the next semester and after grades have been reviewed. Financial Aid disbursements are based on student attendance as of the term census date.

Summer Awards

Financial aid for summer classes is generally limited to students with remaining grant or loan eligibility and available need-based work-study employment. In certain situations, students are eligible for an additional 50% of their Pell Grant as long as they enroll in 6 hours or more for any combination of sessions in the summer semester. NCTC considers the summer semester as part of the preceding award year and all summer sessions are considered as one semester for determining enrollment status, grant and loan eligibility.