Job Search Resources

Job postings can be viewed online under the "Student Employment" link located on the Employment section of the NCTC website. Resume and cover letter assistance are also available to job-seeking students through online resources such as Career Cruising and Grade Results, and also through NCTC's Writing Center. Contact a counselor or advisor for more information about resources to assist you with your job search.

Completion Center Program

The NCTC Completion Center is a comprehensive student engagement program, with a variety of services to help with student success, retention, and completion for all first-time-in-college students.

Major services include:

  • Centralized Completion Center- Services provided on all campuses to address students' academic and non-academic challenges and issues including- success and academic coaching, goal setting, study skills, time management, test taking, reading strategies, motivation, etc.
  • Centralized Career Readiness and Job Placement Program- Services include career readiness and development skills that are related to students' academic experiences. Assist students to create a solid foundation for future professional success, establish academic, personal, and professional goals based on analysis of students personality type, skills, and interests; and demonstrate tools and strategies for personal and professional growth. Other services include assisting students to create ePortfolios, and in-depth job placement services- including resume writing, career/job fair training, application and interview skill training.
  • First Year Experience Course for all first-time-in-college students- The primary focus of the course is to develop an academic plan, and assist students with utilizing a range of support services on campus, such as completion center's success coaches, mentors, career services, advising, financial aid, disability services, and tutoring centers.
  • Professional development opportunities for full-time and part-time faculty/staff on student success, engagement, and retention efforts.
  • Mentoring program- including faculty, staff and students.