Counseling & Advising Center

The counselors and advisors of this office provide the academic advising students need in order to formalize education and/or vocational objectives, understand the college admissions process, research college majors and transferability of coursework, and assist with resolving personal problems which are impacting a student's academic performance.

Personal counseling is available to students on a limited basis with referral to community and private resources when appropriate.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising is an essential element of NCTC's commitment to ensuring that students that the proper courses, in the proper sequence, in order to meet their educational and career goals. NCTC advisors and counselors provide academic advising services to all new, returning, and potential students throughout each semester—not just during registration!

The following students are required to meet with an advisor or counselor in order to register for courses:

  • First-time college students, including students who were previously Dual Credit students but are now at NCTC full or part-time, and current students who have earned at least 30 credit hours
  • Students who are not TSI (Texas Success Initiative) complete in one or more areas (see next section for a description of TSI requirements)
  • Students who are enrolled in a Certificate program
  • Students who need to have transfer credits applied from another institution
  • Students on Academic or Financial Aid Suspension (if an appeal has been submitted and approved)

Students who qualify for online course registration are not required to see an advisor or counselor, however, it is highly recommended for students who have questions or need information about important issues such as course sequencing, pre-requisites, choosing or changing a major, transferability of courses or degrees, etc.

Please contact the Counseling and Advising Office at your preferred campus in order to speak with an advisor or counselor at any time before or during the semester or email

(940) 498-6499

(940) 668-4216

Flower Mound
(972) 899-8412

(940) 872-4002, ext. 5212

(940) 521-0720


Testing Services

The mission of NCTC Testing Services is to provide high-quality testing services that observe and adhere to the professional standards and guidelines in order to meet the needs of our students, faculty, and community members.

The Testing Center exists to support the integrity of the testing process by creating a quiet, comfortable, and clean environment conducive to productive testing, providing great customer service by being friendly, courteous, and supportive, by collaborating with faculty, administrators, other colleges and universities and working with testing vendors and national organizations to keep abreast of best practices.

The Office of Testing Services serves as the center for administering tests, including the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests for course credit, high school equivalency tests of the General Educational Development (GED) program, Ability to Benefit (ATB), the statewide TSI Assessment to determine placement in college courses, technical program assessment exams (e.g. TEAS, HESI), as well as makeup exams or proctored exams required for online courses.

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