Petitions, Handbills & Literature

Each student petition, handbill, or piece of literature shall identify the person or organization distributing it. No person or organization may publicly distribute on District property one or more petitions, handbills, or pieces of literature that are obscene or libelous, or that contain nonpermissible solicitation. Distribution must be conducted so as not to interfere with free and unimpeded flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic or to disturb or interfere with academic or institutional activities. No person or organization may distribute literature by accosting individuals, or by hawking or shouting. The distributor must clean the area around which the literature was distributed.

It is the policy of North Central Texas College not to participate in, directly or indirectly, (including by means of the publishing or distributing of statements) any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office. In the absence of recognition, organizations may not reserve College facilities.

While recognized student organizations may reserve University facilities to conduct organizational meetings, or to sponsor and publicize the appearance of a candidate, no organization or individual may:

  • Use College facilities to raise funds through admissions, fees, contributions, donations, or sale materials or services to benefit a political party, campaign, or candidate.
  • Use College facilities for planning or participating in the operational process of a political campaign.
  • Use organization or College funds to purchase promotional material, pay for campaign ads or contribute in any way to a political campaign.
  • Use organization or College funds to pay honoraria or cover transportation, A/V services, accommodation or meal expenses, for candidates for public office.