Registration Required

A group composed of seven or more students is entitled to register as a student organization through the Office of Student Life. Approval for registration of an organization on any one campus or center is effective College-wide.

At the beginning of each semester, registered student organizations are required to provide the Student Life Office a complete list of officers or other representatives of the organization who are authorized to receive official notices, directives, or information from the College on behalf of the organization. The list shall be kept current and accurate by the organization.

No registered student organization or group may have any person as a member who is not either a student or a member of the faculty or staff of the institution.

The College may require payment for use of District facilities in accordance with Board policy. (See GF)

Each registered student organization has the responsibility to abide by the policies and procedures of the College and local, state and federal laws. Registration does not imply approval of the College of the activities of the registered organization.