College Preparatory Courses

Developmental Studies

North Central Texas College offers a number of courses in reading, writing and mathematics that are designed to help students acquire the skills necessary for success in college-level courses. These courses are widely offered in Texas community colleges. The policy statewide is that these courses will not transfer as college-level courses, nor will they count toward graduation at accredited Texas colleges and universities. It is important for all students to understand that such courses are designed to provide assistance increasing academic proficiency. Attendance in College Preparatory Studies is mandatory when a student has not passed the TSI Assessment or previous placement exam. After one week of absenteeism, a student may be warned by the College Prep instructor. After two weeks of absenteeism, a student will receive a final warning regarding attendance from the College Prep instructor. After missing a third week of class, a student may be dropped from his/her College Preparatory class. If the student is dropped from a required College Preparatory class twice for non-attendance, a hold will be placed on the student so that the student cannot enroll in any other courses except the required remediation. Students must complete all required courses in a College Preparatory area with a "C or better" before proceeding to college-level course work in that area.