Honors Studies at NCTC

The Honors Program at North Central Texas College is an initiative designed to provide deserving area students with advanced learning and community leadership opportunities. Students in the program will be automatically considered for honors scholarships. Participating students will benefit from personalized learning plans, innovative and exemplary teaching, smaller class sizes, and guidance through the transfer process. Other advantages of honors study include service learning experiences and access to cultural and other special events. With completion of the requisite coursework, graduating and transferring students qualify to receive the Honors Program designation on transcripts, diplomas, and honors certificates.

Honors coursework emphasizes academic rigor and the development of both critical thinking and communication skills. Honors faculty develop courses in a variety of ways-course content can be organized topically or thematically, according to instructor expertise, and/or with an interdisciplinary focus. Regardless of approach, the instructional goal is to offer students competing perspectives within a global context, while engaging student intellectual curiosity. Honors subsections of core curriculum courses are offered each semester. Students who need coursework beyond what is offered may develop an even more personalized plan of study. Honors options can be created by contract with faculty and student collaboration. All honors coursework arrangements, whether contracts or subsections, need to be finalized by the second week of the semester. More information and the appropriate forms can be found in the Honors Handbook.

Honors students will enjoy many opportunities to learn from academic and working professionals. The Conference on American Leadership, offered in the spring of each academic year, provides one such outlet for the discussion of relevant issues, and is a major opportunity for honors students to interact with experts from around the state and nation. Moreover, the Honors Program sponsors student sharing conferences and other academically enriching community events throughout the year.

For more information, visit honors.nctc.edu or contact the Office of Honors Studies.

Jill Swarner
Honors Coordinator
(940) 665-7731, ext. 4301