Department of College Preparatory Studies

Dr. Elizabeth Howell
Department Chair
(940) 498-6209

Program Description

College Preparatory courses are designed to prepare students for college-level academic course work. Students may be required to enroll in College Prep courses based on their results of TSI assessment. NCTC offers a number of courses (listed below) designed to help students acquire the skills necessary for success in college-level courses. The courses are widely offered in Texas community/junior colleges, and the policy statewide is that these will not transfer as college-level courses nor will they count toward graduation at accredited Texas colleges and universities. It is important that students understand that such courses are designed to help them overcome academic weaknesses that are likely to hinder them in their pursuit of a college degree.

Courses are offered in three content areas (English, Math, Reading) based on the three areas assessed by the TSI-A test. The following course are currently offered at NCTC: 

College Prep English

  • ENGL0300 Fundamentals of English I
  • ENGL0305 Fundamentals of English II
  • INRW0405 Integrated Reading and Writing * 

College Prep Math

  • MATH0305 (NCTM 0351) Beginning Algebra *
  • MATH0310 Intermediate Algebra *
  • NCBM0100 Non-course Based Option for Math
  • NCBM0200 Developmental Mathematics NCBO 

College Prep Reading

  • READ0300 Reading Techniques I
  • READ0305 Reading Techniques II *
  • INRW0405 Integrated Reading and Writing * 
* Indicates that the course is offered in both face-to-face as well as online format 

NOTE: Students who take and do not pass all portions of the TSI-A are required to enroll in at least one area of remediation each semester until all remediation has been completed. Regular and punctual attendance is expected of all students in all developmental classes for which they have registered. There are no excused absences. After one week of absenteeism, a student may be warned by the College Prep instructor. After two weeks of absenteeism, a student will receive a final warning regarding attendance from the College Prep instructor. After missing a third week of class, a student may be dropped from his/her College Preparatory class. If the student is dropped from a required College Preparatory class twice for non-attendance, a hold will be placed on the student's registration account so that the student cannot enroll in any other courses except the required remediation in the subsequent semester.

Students must complete all required courses in a College Preparatory area with a "C or better" before proceeding to college-level course work in that area. (Example - If a student's scores place him/her in Beginning Algebra, that student must be continuously enrolled in a College Preparatory math course each semester until he/she completes the College Preparatory sequence in math). However, students may choose to enroll in more than one College Preparatory area each semester. It is strongly encouraged that students who fail the Reading section of any test begin by enrolling in College Preparatory Reading courses.