Instruction in advanced Ranch Horse skills focusing on the use of the horse to assist in the management of cattle as commonly utilized for cow/horse competitions. Skills taught will include reading cattle, roping, sorting, control of an individual cow and the training methods used on the horse to achieve these skills. 32 lecture hours + 32 laboratory hours

Upon completion, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate industry recognized training methods for finishing horses in the area of cow work
  • Exhibit the ability to rope live cattle and properly handle cattle in a manner which is safe for both horse and rider
  • Summarize the fundamentals to be employed when reading cattle for handling purposes
  • Show the ability to handle and manipulate the movement of an individual cow
  • Identify and appraise the characteristics of individual horses and their abilities when performing cow work
  • Demonstrate progressive ability in completing a competitive cow horse pattern

Grade Basis: L
Credit Hours: 3