AAT in Grades 4-8 EC-12 Special Education

Associate of Arts in Teaching

The Associate of Arts in Teaching degree (AAT) is a Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board-approved collegiate degree program consisting of lower-division courses intended for transfer to baccalaureate programs that lead to initial Texas teacher certification. The AAT degree as defined by the Coordinating Board is fully transferable to all Texas public universities. Because the AAT fulfills the requirements of the field of study curriculum statutes and Coordinating Board rules, all Texas public universities must accept the AAT curricula if they offer the applicable baccalaureate degrees leading to initial teacher certification. However, students who complete the AAT will be required to meet any and all entrance requirements of the receiving university and the educator preparation program, including grade point averages and/or testing requirements.

Upon Completion of this degree students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the teaching profession’s main tenets.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of multicultural perspectives in education including special education, English as a Second Language (ESL), cultural differences, socioeconomic differences and issues dealing with urban, rural and suburban schools.
  • Identify the major ideas and influences of major educational theorists.
  • Categorize methods of teacher/parent communication into two distinct categories, one way communication and two way communications.

Students pursuing this degree typically incur tuition and fee costs of approximately $4,200 (In-District). Books and supplies constitute approximately an additional $1,500. Financing for this program may be available through grants, scholarships, loans, and institutional financing plans.

This program is designed to take 4 full-long semesters to complete and is comprised of the following suggested pathway or course of study. This degree can be completed either online or face-to-face contingent on course scheduling and availability.

First Semester
ENGL 1301 Grammar & Composition I
HIST 1301 US History (up to 1865)
EDUC 1300 Learning Frameworks
MATH 1314 College Algebra
SOCI 1301 Intro to Sociology
Second Semester
ENGL 1302 Grammar & Composition II
HIST 1302 US History (from 1865)
Non-Majors Science Core BIOL 1408, BIOL 2406, PHYS 1415, GEOL 1401, GEOL 1402,
ASTR 1403
, or ASTR 1404
MATH 1350 Mathematics for Teachers I
EDUC 1301* Introduction to the Teaching Profession
Third Semester
Non-Majors Science Core BIOL 1408, BIOL 2406, PHYS 1415, GEOL 1401, GEOL 1402,
ASTR 1403
, or ASTR 1404
GOVT 2305 American National Government
MATH 1351 Mathematics for Teachers II
EDUC 1301* Introduction to the Teaching Profession
ENG  2327, or 2332 American Literature I, World Literature I
EDUC 2301* Introduction Special Populations
Fourth Semester
GOVT 2306 State & Local Government
Non-Majors Science Core BIOL 1408, BIOL 2406, PHYS 1415, GEOL 1401, GEOL 1402,
ASTR 1403
, or ASTR 1404
SPCH 1315 Public Speaking
ARTS 1301 Arts Appreciation

* Students may be required to pass a criminal background check to complete 16 observation hours for EDUC 1301 and EDUC 2301