Students Transferring from a U.S. Institution

Application for Admission - Submit online application from the following link -

Language Proficiency - If currently enrolled in an ESL program, student must submit TOEFL score of 71 (IBT) or higher.

Official Transcripts - Students must submit official transcripts from all institutions attended. A minimum cumulative GPA 2.0 is required for admission. Foreign credentials must be accompanied by a general evaluation completed by current member of NACES -

Travel Documents - Copy of photo page of valid passport, student visa, and all I-20s issued to student.

Transfer Clearance Form - Must be completed by international advisor at current institution and indicate student is in status, has met all financial obligations, and is eligible for transfer. Contact NCTC International Advisor regarding this form at

Financial Support Documentation - Submit an original, notarized affidavit with supporting evidence dated within six months of the beginning of the semester for which the student is applying. Financial statements must indicate the sponsor has adequate funds readily available to cover all educational and personal expenses the student will incur throughout the duration of their studies at North Central Texas College. Contact NCTC International Advisor for most accurate financial information requirements.

Health Records - Students under 22 years of age must provide evidence they have received the bacterial meningitis vaccination within the past five years.

Guidelines Agreement - Contact International Admissions at

Proof of Housing - Information regarding on-campus housing can be found at the following link - If the student plans to reside off campus, they must submit documentation of living arrangements; i.e., a signed lease agreement. if the student will reside with a U.S. sponsor, confirmation that room, board, and transportation to and from campus must be included on the affidavit of financial support.

TSI Assessment Exam - Must complete all three components of the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) exam or prove exemption to be eligible for enrollment in any core classes or degree program. Completion of a Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) is required prior to scheduling the TSI exam at NCTC.

Dependents - Copy of photo ID page of passport, visa, and I-20 for any F-2 dependent.