Academic Suspension

A student who is already on Academic Probation status will move to Suspension status if his/her cumulative GPA remains below 2.0 at the end of the next Fall, Spring, or Summer semester in which the student is enrolled, AND his/her term GPA for that Fall, Spring, or Summer semester is also below 2.0. A student on Suspension is notified of this status through a mailed letter, NCTC and Canvas e-mail, and a notation on the transcript. A student placed on Academic Suspension is required to sit out the next semester in which he/she intended to enroll at NCTC, unless the student completes the Appeal process AND is approved for enrollment. Students approved for an Academic Suspension Appeal will be assigned an academic advisor, will be limited to the number of hours in which they can enroll, and will also have other obligations to meet during their appeal semester such as attending College Success seminars.

A student placed on Academic Suspension status whose Appeal has been denied or who does NOT Appeal but rather sits out the next semester(s) (i.e. sits out Summer and/or Fall if placed on Suspension after Spring, or sits out Spring if placed on Suspension after Fall), will have a Registration Hold placed on his/her account and MUST meet with an Academic Advisor in order to re-enroll for the next eligible semester. Also, this student will automatically be placed on Academic Probation status when he/she does re-enroll at NCTC, and therefore MUST earn a term GPA of at least 2.0 in the first semester back at NCTC in order to avoid returning to Suspension status.