Dropping Courses

If a student's personal circumstances dictate the need to reduce his or her academic load, that student should confer with an advisor for assistance in adjusting the number of courses being taken. A grade of "W" will be given to students who officially withdraw from a course by the deadline noted in the academic calendar. Any drops after this will be made with the approval of the instructor and the Division Chair.

It is the student's responsibility to initiate the action necessary to drop courses under the conditions outlined above. This requires the completion of a petition for a course drop form available in the Office of Admissions on any NCTC Campus or by going to the NCTC website at www.nctc.edu and then Admissions. Online drops may be completed in a student's MyNCTC account as well. The request to drop form must be submitted on or before the last day to drop with a "W" (see Academic Calendar in front of catalog for specific date), and it is not available until the official date of record. Prior to the official date of record, a student should go to the Office of Admissions to complete the required drop form.

Students who register for courses are required to drop any courses they no longer wish to attend or a final grade will be assigned.

Instructors may drop students from courses for non-attendance by completing a petition for course withdrawal.