Strategic Plan

In order to fulfill its mission, North Central Texas College has identified three priority goals and the "will" statements that describe the College's commitment in each area:

  1. Foster Student Success
    NCTC will:
    • Improve student retention at the course and program level, term to term
    • Improve student completion rates from Fall to Spring
    • Provide learning and career pathways to foster continuous learning
    • Align courses and programs with external standards and professional requirement
  2. Meet Community Needs
    NCTC will:
    • Identify and respond quickly to the existing and changing needs of our regional economy
    • Partner with businesses, ISDs, municipalities and higher education institutions
    • Offer events that improve community life and foster institutional support
  3. Ensure Institutional Excellence
    NCTC will:
    • Strive for further efficiencies in the corporate function of the institution
    • Maintain our physical, equipment and technology infrastructure to meet the needs of students, employees, and community
    • Provide professional development to improve performance of employees and work groups.