Campus Assessment & Response Evaluation Services


North Central Texas College cares about our students' academic success, as well as their emotional and physical well-being. The NCTC CARES Team promotes a safe learning environment for students, faculty, and staff and is committed to taking a proactive approach in helping our students succeed.

The CARES Team is comprised of staff and faculty from various departments, including Counseling & Testing, Student Conduct, Campus Police, and the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD).

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What Can You Do To Help?
Be Aware, Show You Care!

Recognize Student Behaviors

Distress (Mild or Moderate)
Changes in academic performance, attendance, physical appearance, and/or ability to concentrate

Disturbance (Elevated)
Interferes with class, disruptive, irritable, exaggerated emotional responses or unexplained crying.

Dysregulation (Severe or Extreme)
Threats of harming self and/or others, outbursts of anger, loss of contact with reality, irrational or paranoid thoughts.

Responses to Mild, Moderate, or Elevated Behaviors

  • Talk to the student in private
  • Express concern...non-judgmentally
  • Ask if the student is considering harmful or suicidal behavior
  • Identify options and make referrals
  • Know your own limits-ask for help!

Responses to Severe or Extreme Behaviors:

  • Call 911 from a campus phone if there is an immediate risk to self or others, and alert your Campus Administrator.
  • If no immediate risk, call your NCTC CARES campus contact, e-mail, or complete the Reporting/Referral Form.

CARES Team Corinth: (940) 498-6445

CARES Team Flower Mound: (972) 899-8402

CARES Team Bowie, Graham & Gainesville: (940) 668-4207

For Faculty
Early Alert and CARES Team Syllabus Statement

The NCTC Early Alert program has been established to assist students who are at risk of failing or withdrawing from a course. Your instructor may refer you to this program if you are missing assignments, failing tests, excessively absent, or have personal circumstances impacting your academic performance. If submitted as an Early Alert you will be notified via your NCTC e-mail address and then contacted by a Counseling and Testing advisor or counselor to discuss possible strategies for completing your course successfully.

The NCTC CARES (Campus Assessment Response Evaluation Services) Team addresses behavior which may be disruptive, harmful or pose a threat to to the health and safety of the NCTC community-such as stalking, harassment, physical or emotional abuse, violent or threatening behavior, or self-harm. As a student, you have the ability to report concerning behavior which could impact your own safety or the safety of another NCTC student. Just click the NCTC CARES Team logo posted on MyNCTC, or send an e-mail to As always, if you feel there is an immediate threat to your own safety or welfare (or to another student), please call 911 immediately.