Place of Residence

NCTC is a public institution which draws a portion of its funding from the State of Texas. Therefore, your tuition rate will be higher if your permanent legal residence is not in Texas and will be lower if you're a resident of Texas (or Oklahoma). This means your tuition rate will depend upon which of the following four categories you fit into.

  • In-District
    Residents of Cooke County
  • In-District Branch Campus
    Resident of Graham ISD Service Area
  • In-State
    All other Texas residents as well as residents of Oklahoma counties contiguous with Cooke County who, due to reciprocal agreement, pay the same tuition rate as Texas residents.
  • Out-of-State
    In addition to residents of states other than Texas, this also includes international students; citizens of any country other than the United States.

Verifying Residency
Very Important Notice

To verify residency for tuition purposes, students are required to complete a Residency Questionnaire form and may also be required to furnish documentary proof (such as a valid Texas driver's license) to prove their resident status. Residency status must be verified prior to the official date of record of a given semester. Persons classified as non-residents upon first enrollment are presumed to be non-residents as long as they are enrolled, regardless of number of hours taken. Non-residents who wish to be reclassified to resident tuition status, must provide proof of residing in Texas for one calendar year in which they did not attend an institution of higher education.

  Download the Residency Questionnaire form

Determination of a student's legal residence for purposes of establishing the appropriate tuition rates is made at North Central Texas College according to guidelines pursuant to Title 3, Texas Education Code: RULES & REGULATIONS FOR DETERMINING RESIDENCE STATUS, Fall 1995. Students should be aware that these guidelines are subject to further revision. Copies of these guidelines, as published by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, are available for inspection in the Office of the Director of Admissions/Registrar. Questions or disputes regarding interpretation of these guidelines should be directed to this office.