In addition to the tuition, mandatory fees may be charged, including an out-of-district service fee, general use fee, laboratory fees, individualized instruction fees, or other course related fees.

Laboratory Fees

Certain types of courses require that you sign up for both a lecture class and a related laboratory class (for hands-on skills training, practice, experiments, and practical application of what you learn in lecture). Many of these lab classes involve the use of special facilities, expensive equipment, costly materials, and supplies. For this reason, you may be charged an extra lab fee to help cover such costs. Lab fees for each class will be listed in the Schedule of Classes printed each semester. A course that has a lab will be assessed a fee of $5.00 for each 16 hours of laboratory time, except for the following courses and others which may not be in the catalog.

See List of Lab Fees

Individualized Instruction Fees

Special fees are charged for certain specific courses as listed below:

Course Fees
Applied Lessons in Music (1 sem. hour) $75.00
Applied Lessons in Music (2 sem. hours) $150.00

Other Course-Related Fees

Health Science and Nursing courses may require additional fees--payable at registration--for malpractice insurance, assessment tests, and other unusual expenses. Other courses such as bowling, paddleball/racquetball, and artificial insemination will require additional fees to be paid to the facilities in which the instruction is conducted.

Reinstatement Fee

A $50.00 fee is assessed for students who re-enroll in courses after being dropped for inadequate payment activity.

Returned Payment Fee

A $20 fee is assessed for returned checks and/or other returned or rejected payments.