Vote with Pride

The right to vote is fundamental to your participation in this democracy. Both because we value and encourage our students’ participation in the political process, and because we are required to do so under the Higher Education Act, below you will find certain information and deadlines as they relate to voting in Texas for the 2020 General Election (Oklahoma Information). We have included some guides below to make the voting process and voter registration easy to follow.

Avoid the lines, vote early!

Early Voting in Texas: Tuesday, October 13th to Friday, October 30th
Election Day: Tuesday, November 3rd

Vote Early! There are more polling locations available during early voting in your county. On Election day you will have one specific polling location, based on the address listed on your voter registration.

Do's & Don'ts at the Polls


  • Bring notes on the candidates that you want to vote for.
    Suggestion: Bring notes on paper, you can be asked to leave if you are using your phone in the polling booth.
  • Bring a friend(s) to vote with you! The more the merrier, right?!
  • Bring Identification. This link shows you permissible identifications to vote in Texas.


  • Do not wear clothing or anything promoting any candidate. You can get a class C misdemeanor if you wear candidate gear in a polling area.
  • Do not film or take pictures of anything while in a polling area. Save your I voted pictures (with your sticker) for outside of the polling building.
  • Do not bring any fire arms or weapons in to a polling area.

Election Adminstrations by County

To view your sample ballots and learn more click on your county of residence.

National Voter Registration Day Panel

Voting Panel featuring:

Carol Marmaduke, History Faculty, Bowie Campus 
Mike Yager, Co-Leader of Denton Vote Group
Nancy Baier, Co-Leader of Denton Vote Group
Hosted by Patricia Amador, SGA Vice President

Red StarFirst, are you eligible to vote?

If all those boxes apply to you proceed to the next question.

Vote with Pride

Blue StarAre you registered to vote?

Is your voter registration active and are you registered to vote in the county you will call "home" during the upcoming election?

Verify your status here: Texas Secretary of State: Am I registered?

  • If your "Voter Status" came back "Active" you are registered!
  • If your information was not found, proceed to the following steps to get registered or contact your VOTER REGISTRAR.

Red StarHow do I register to vote?

 ¿Como me registro para poder votar?
First you have to apply! Sound familiar, students? Also remember, Texas requires a paper application!

Applications can be found here:

  1. Complete an application using the informal Secretary of State's ONLINE VOTER REGISTRATION APPLICATION. Simply fill in the required information, print, sign and mail directly to your county election office.  Do not forget to print, sign and mail the application! Remember?? Texas only accepts paper applications.
  2. Request a PRINTED APPLICATION from the Secretary of State's office and they will mail a voter registration application to the address provided.
    1. Check your physical mailbox! When you receive the application, fill it out, sign it and mail it to your county election office.
  3. Pick up a voter registration application at your library, any government office, or contact/visit your VOTER REGISTRAR in your county. Fill it out, sign it and mail it to your county election office.
Your County’s Voter Registrar will then process your application, and your registration becomes effective 30 days after it is submitted (and accepted) by the County Voter Registrar. What does this mean?! You need to verify that the County has received and processed your application by the October 5th deadline.

Blue StarI signed and mailed the application, am I registered to vote?

Verify your status here: Texas Secretary of State: Am I registered?

  • If your "Voter Status" came back "Active" you are registered!
  • You may receive a voter registration card in the process, if you lose it, it's ok. There are other forms of ID that are asked for at the polls!

You are now on your way to vote with pride!