Construction Projects

Renovations & New Buildings



Denton Exchange Construction Exterior with a Crane
Interior of Denton Construction with a forklift, rising scaffolding, and steal beams
Interior of Denton Exchange Construction with Forklifts
Interior with Heavy Equipment and Wood Pallettes
Interior with Construction Worker on Scaffolding
Interior Steel Beams
Interior with a Steel Pole Bisecting the Room
Interior View Through Three Rooms
Interior with Two Construction Workers
Elevator Shaft at the Front Entrance
Front Corridor
Upstairs Massive Classroom with Wood Pallets
Interior View Through Two Sections of the Building
Scaffolding and lift vehicles under the steel beams of the ceiling
Four Pallets of Wood Beams
Pallets of Steel Rods and Beams
Interior Upward Angle of the Ceiling and its Steel Beams
Wide Portal to the Room with Pallets of Wood Beams
View of a Room with Steps, Debris, and Two Columns
Room with a Column, Steps, and a Wheel Burrow
Installation of Insulation in a Classroom
Construction of the Front Entrance Viewed from the Parking Garage
Construction of the Front Entrance Viewed from the Ground
Garage Ramp to the Top Floor of the Parking Garage
Ground Floor of the Parking Garage
Information Technology IT Suite
Lecture Hall's Tiered Seating
View of the Lecture Hall from the Front
Mane Stop Suite
Office Suites
Parking Garage Exterior
Parking Garage Interior
Police Department
Testing Center
Parking Garage Third Floor Ramp
Top Deck of the Parking Garage
Massive Classroom Upstairs
Massive Classroom Upstairs from Another View
Smaller Classroom Upstairs
Carving Out a New Entry Way with a Massive Saw
View of Denton and the Construction Site from the Top of the Parking Garage
View from the Second Story of the Main Building
Parking Garage Construction under a cloud-filled sky
Street view of Denton Square with local businesses
Street view of Denton Square with the historic courthouse in the background.
Street view of the FSB Exchange construction site
Another street view of the FSB Exchange construction site
An interior view of grid work in the ceiling with exposed wiring.
Interior view of ceiling piping and walls with two empty doorways and two windows.
Interior view of a hall with clamp lamps and hanging wires.
Construction worker on stilts working on wiring in an office ceiling.
Exterior view of a partially completed brick wall.
View of the parking garage corner with Morrison's Corn Kits sign in the background.
Brave Combo Musicians commemorative tile on the Denton Arts Walk of Fame.
Street view of the FSB Exchange construction from the backside of the building.
Exterior view of the steel beams for the entryway against the Denton skyscape.
Denton public train station.