Catalog (Official Bulletin) 2010–11

The catalog is available online in PDF format only. Go to Table of Contents page where each main topic is hyperlinked – clicking on the topic will take you to that page. To return to Contents, click on the Page Number at the bottom of each page.

OR – download the PDF for the Subject Index. The PDF version of the Catalog also contains the Student Handbook, but note that for convenience, this section is also available as a separate download:

NEW - ADDENDUM to Catalog 2010-11 now available for PDF download.

Printed copies of the 2010-11 Catalog are available on all campuses.

NOTICE: All information printed in this edition of the Bulletin of North Central Texas College is subject to change by the Board of Regents and Administration. Every effort is made to make the information contained herein as complete and accurate as possible; however, changes may occur at any time in requirements, deadlines, fees, curricula, courses listed/offered and times offered. Course numbers and descriptions may change from previous Bulletins/Schedules/Catalogs, and such changes will be on record in the offices of the Vice President of Instruction, the Instructional Deans, Dean of Student Services and Vice President of Financial Services.

Searchable Online Catalog Coming Soon!
This summer (2011) NCTC will be unveiling a brand new HTML-based searchable Catalog. We are excited to be partnering with SmartCatalog®, a premier provider of web-hosted catalogs for colleges and universities all over the country. By going this direction, our Catalog can now be a dynamic, searchable online resource for students and NCTC faculty and staff. It will be far more than a pdf link on the homepage! This new online catalog will always be up-to-date.

Students and prospective students should be aware that, beginning with the 2011–12 academic year, NCTC will no longer publish a printed Catalog. However, the new online Catalog offers the ability to download and print any page or section of the catalog as a PDF. In addition, if they wish, students will be able to purchase complete printed copies of the Catalog from a third-party publisher. A limited number of printed Catalogs also will be made available at no charge to area high school libraries and counselors.

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