Intramural Sports & Outdoor Pursuits:

 All NCTC students with their NCTC Student ID can attend and participate in Intramural Sports on any NCTC campus since not all campuses have the same facilities as well as attend Outdoor Pursuit trips departing from any campus.  For more information contact, Director of Student Life, Daisy Garcia at


Intramural Sports:

Corinth Fall 2014: 
Volleyball (sign up by 9/5) every Monday at McMath Middle School beginning 9/8
Kickball (Sign up by 9/16) every Tuesday at North Lakes beginning 9/16
Basketball (sign up by 9/5) every Wednesday at McMath Middle School beginning 9/10
For more info Contact


Gainesville Fall 2014:
Bowling (Hays Hall) 11/4
For more info Contact Megan Sanzo

Outdoor Pursuits:

Summer Kayaking: NCTC will provide the kayaks, life-vest, as well as teach students how to kayak (weather permitting, please check our Facebook Page on rainy days). Meet in front of Gainesville's Bonner Hall or the Corinth Foyer to go kayaking. For more information e-mail Daisy Garcia.


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