Residence Life Staff


The Housing & Residence Life Staff is composed of the Director of Student Life (Daisy Garcia), Coordinator of Residence Life (Megan Sanzo), an Administrative Assistant (Nancy Kirk), six Resident Assistants (RA), and two nighttime desk clerks. 


The RAs are student-staff members who go through training and learn how to meet student needs. RAs are typically older students who have completed a year of college or have life experiences that can enhance their perspective they bring to the students.  Student wishing to apply for a Resident Assistant Application  can contact Megan Sanzo at for more information.


The Coordinator of Residence Life is a full-time live-in staff member who supervises and oversees the daily operations of the residence halls.  The Coordinator can be reached in their office/home located behind Bonner Hall Lobby or by calling 940-668-4259.  The Coordinator of Residence Life is over housing assignments for the residence halls.  Roommate information for the Fall semester will be available after August 1/January 5.


The Director of Student Life is responsible for all aspects of the residence halls on the Gainesville Campus as well as student activities, leadership, intramural sports, service learning, and student organizations on all NCTC campuses. 


To schedule a tour of the residence halls and the NCTC campus, contact Nancy Kirk at



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Student Life: Housing


Megan Sanzo
Coordinator of Residence Life

Nancy Kirk
Administrative Assistant


Daisy Garcia
Director of Student Life