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Leaving for college can be a stressful time, not only for the student but for the parents as well. NCTC Housing has provided the helpful advice below for you as parents to make the most of your child's college experience.  Please know that at NCTC we see the parents and families of our students as vital parts in their lives but we are also bound by federal laws. 


FERPA, means we can listen to you but we can not always comment about your student as that is a violation of federal law without their approval. Encourage your student to talk with the staff and if there is a problem ask your child for a phone conference with the staff member. This way you will be able to understand the full story and not get frustrated in between. Of course, for the success of our students it is best if they first learn how to handle these situations by them self.


Move-In Tips:


Both halls have convenient parking near or within a block of the building. You might want to bring a dolly for easier moving. Parking regulations are generally relaxed a bit that day so families can unload closer to the doors.


Many students bring their own refrigerators so be sure they coordinate with their roommate so as to not duplicate. Residents can have one 18 x 18 x 24 inch refrigerator per roommate or a 18 x 18 x 48 refrigerator by room.


Most hall furniture is moveable. Popular items to bring are bed lifters—heavy-duty plastic or cinder blocks—to create under-bed storage space (the furniture in Hays Hall is designed to be able to raise for under bed storage without additional lifters). Students often bring extra plastic drawer units, a reading lamp, electronic equipment and a computer. Some small appliances that students may bring are listed elsewhere under the appliances section of our Housing Policy Book.


Things to Consider:


Health Insurance

Remind your student how to access your health insurance. Residence hall staff cannot dispense medication and we do not have a health clinic on-campus.


Holiday housing

If they are from out of state, parents need to consider their children’s plans for Thanksgiving, Spring Break, and in between semesters as NCTC does not provide housing during this time to allow our staff to be with their families and to take vacations.



Students will eat outside the plan although at NCTC we contract with Great Western Dinning for meals from Monday breakfast through Friday lunch. There is an abundant supply of delicious food that is readily available. Students usually keep a few snacks and beverages in their rooms.

Cell phone

Although each room comes with a phone line that the students can enable through the local phone company to set-up monthly payments. Many students no longer use the land line as they use their cell phone almost exclusively so sometimes a cell phone can be a better buy with free national calling for students when they move away to college.


Cable Television & Internet

Students that choose to have these services in their room will deal directly with a local provider and be responsible for the payment as well as fees associated when they switch rooms. NCTC does provide three televisions in the residence hall common areas for students to use as well as two internet computers in the lobby in addition to the four computer labs we have on campus.


When Your Student is Gone:


Think about your parting words...

The closing words between parents and children are crucial. Whatever wisdom you have to offer, whether it is 'I love you,' 'I'm behind you,' 'I'm proud of you,' say it. If you can't express yourself verbally, write your thoughts down and mail the letter to your child immediately after you arrive home. Your children will remember your messages and hold on to them.


Your lives will change...

Younger siblings may be quite happy to see the older child leave home. They will also be happy when they return for holidays! If the college-bound student is your youngest, you'll begin to reestablish a one-on-one relationship with your spouse after years of parenting!


You won't be able to wait for them to come home--or leave!

Your child will arrive home with a whole new set of habits, particularly when it comes to food, sleep, and rules that were in effect in high school. You may want to re-think these rules and adjust as necessary. However, please realize that NCTC has its own (extensive) set of rules so your student hasn’t exactly been following his or her every whim that newly found college freedom has brought!


Don't change your child's room.

The student's room is 'home base'––try not to change it very much during his or her first semester away. Freshmen in particular can go through some very difficult times, passing exams, establishing new friendships, surviving in a setting where they are not 'top dog,' and often fearing that admissions has made a mistake--they do not really belong at college. Give them a 'safe haven.'


When a problem arises, "move like your feet are stuck in molasses".

The temptation is to intervene when a child calls home with a problem. Remember that many resources exist at college to help students cope with various situations. Express support, but give your children time to solve their own problems--it will ultimately benefit them. This is a big part of college—learning to resolve your own questions, conflicts and frustrations. Colleges have many safety nets, beginning with the Resident Assistant, the Coordinator of Residence Life, and the Administration who are trained to identify and handle just about any problem you can imagine.


Try not to call or expect a daily call/text.

Students have been observed walking out of exams and the first thing they do is call home to report on the exam. This may be a bit excessive and cause delay in that snip-snip of the apron strings that needs to occur!


When students receive mail or a parent plans a visit with their child on campus, it is an incredibly delightful experience. Parents will often invite not only their student out for a nice meal, but also a few of their close new friends. It will be unexpected and so appreciated! Even delicious dorm food can get monotonous. And you will get a glimpse at the new people in your child’s life (hopefully, that will be good!)

Note: Student Mail should be addressed:
Student Name
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