What to Bring


For residents that will be living on-campus for the first-time we have compiled a user-friendly list of recommended items to bring and which items should be left at home.  If you have any questions please ask our staff prior to purchasing. 

- Bed Linens (pillow, sheets, blankets, bedspreads etc. - standard twin)

- Cleaning Supplies - residents are responsible for cleaning their own roomsTV/Radio/Stereos/CD Player etc.

- Hangers

- Microwave Oven must be under 800 watts - coordinate with your new roommate

- Rug or Carpet for Bonner Hall residents - the rooms have tile floors (rooms are 12 foot by 15 foot total space while their is a vanity and closets carved out of that space)

- Shower Items (Bonner Hall Residents might bring a bath robe and shower shoes due to community style restrooms)

- Small Refrigerator must be under 800 watts (18 x 18 x 24 inch per roommate or 18 x 18 x 48 inch per room) - coordinate with your new roommate

- Small Trash Can

- Small TV/Radio etc  - coordinate with your new roommate

- Sticky Tape/Command Strips to post pictures on the wall (students that cause damage to the walls by posting items with nails or materials that are not removed will be charged for repairs)

- Study Lamp

- Surge Protectors (only allowable extension cords per Fire Marshall - extension cords without surge protectors will be confiscated and the Fire Department can charge you a fine)- Toilet Paper for Hays Hall residents only 

- Towels/Wash Cloths


Items to Leave at Home:


- Alcohol, Drugs, and Paraphernalia

- Candles

- Extension Cords

- Halogen Lamps

- Hot Plates

- Inappropriate posters or signs that create a hostile living environment

- Incense

- Toaster Ovens

- Weapons (including but not limited to firearms, fireworks, ammunition, explosives, BB guns, martial arts equipment, swords, bows, arrows, rifles, hand guns, knives, and decorative weapons)

The following items are allowed under in the Bonner Hall kitchen area, if they are found in resident's room they will be confiscated due to the fire safety of leaving items plugged in inside the resident's room:

- Coffee Maker

- George Foreman Grills

- Hot Pots/Crock Pot


To check if an item is allowed in the residence halls, contact Megan Sanzo.


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