Ex Students Assocation
I Want To Join Today!

The basic purpose of your NCTC Ex-Students Association is simple—to encourage graduates, former students, former faculty/staff and other college employees to stay in touch and to lend their continuing support of the educational, cultural, athletic and social programs of North Central Texas College. 


You are the very best ambassadors this institution can have. By becoming Ex-Students Association members, you can help us spread the word to the general public about NCTC and what it has to offer. You can help us recruit and retain quality students and help us provide the support those students need to succeed. You can help us promote the kind of fun, friendly and stimulating collegiate environment that not only enhances the learning experience but also creates wonderful lasting memories of the time spent here. Last, but certainly not least, you can help North Central Texas College marshall the resources it needs to become and remain the very best it can be for generations of future ex-students to come. 


This college has meant so very much to me personally. I treasure all the wonderful experiences my association with this college have given me from the time I first enrolled as a student. And now as a member of the NCTC Ex-Students Association, I am keeping the EX-perience alive! You can too. Please, become a member today.

– Message from PATSY WILSON
President, NCTC Ex-Students Association