Strategic Planning Committee

The purpose of strategic planning is contained in the definition of planning. Planning is anticipating trends and determining the best strategies to achieve organizational goals and objectives. For NCTC, the strategic planning process provides the framework to advance the college’s mission, vision and goals; this is accomplished by each of the departments specifically taking action to better meet the needs of students and the internal and external communities and thereby advance their individual department’s missions, visions and goals.


Roles & Responsibilities of the Committee

  1. Facilitate the development of Strategic and Operational plan.

  2. Support the Departments and the process by attending meetings.

  3. Critique (without criticizing), the process and the results.

  4. Be available to serve on various subcommittees to facilitate the development of the plan.

  5. Facilitate committee and department SWOT analyses and recommendations.

  6. Assist in the development of well-formatted and effective annual Action Plan (IE/SP Assessment) to achieve the goals and vision of the college.



  • Dr. Lisa Morales – History/Economics Faculty
  • Roy Culberson – Dean of Corinth Campus
  • Roxanne Del Rio – Associate Dean of Student Services
  • Djuna Forrester – Dean of Lifelong Learning
  • Debbie Huffman – Director of eLearning
  • Emily Klement – Dean of the Bowie Campus
  • Tracey Fleniken – Director of Title III
  • Dr. Janie Neighbors – Vice President of Financial Services
  • Elizabeth Howell – Department Chair College Preparatory
  • Karla Lynch – Economics Faculty
  • Dr. Lee Ann Nutt – Vice President of Instruction
  • Steve Keith – Department Chair Agriculture
  • Rick Merrill – Accounting Faculty
  • Judith Rodgers – Program Coordinator Surgical Technology
  • Aziel Wilson – Math Faculty
  • Dr. Teresa Starrett – Program Coordinator, AAT/TECA
  • Debbie Sharp – Vice President of Advancement
  • Lori Dunn – Department Assistant Lifelong Learning
  • Karen Fletcher – Application Systems Analyst
  • Dr. Eddie Hadlock – President
  • Dr. Steve Broyles – Dean of Administrative Services