Planning & Institutional Effectiveness PROCESS

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North Central Texas College’s mission, vision, and values provided the starting points for the NCTC Strategic Plan 2010-2015.  The entire planning process, including implementation and assessment, helps NCTC to manage efficiently, maintain fiscal control, improve services and processes, improve teaching and learning, and allocate resources effectively. To make our planning process effective, it includes a monitoring mechanism (outcomes assessment) to determine whether or not the purposes are achieved and objectives are met.   Assessments also provides NCTC with feedback on why the purpose and objectives were or were not met and helps the institution consider how resources are being used, where resources are insufficient or underutilized, and where the quality and quantity of resources are appropriate. NCTC uses the results of planning and assessment to maintain, support, and improve its programs and services.

The implementation of the Strategic Plan occurs at the departmental level through the college’s Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning assessment process.  Each employee of North Central Texas College has a role in implementing the Strategic Plan.  Each academic year, each department will develop a minimum of two or three objectives, which must be accomplished in order to achieve the Strategic Plan’s Frameworks and Goals. Departmental objectives will be supported by implementation steps, specific assessment criteria, and evaluation methods to ensure objectives accomplishments.

Instructional departments who teach credit courses will continue to follow the Student Learning Outcome Assessment as part of their Institutional Effectiveness/Strategic Planning (IE/SP) to document student learning outcome activities at the course, program, and institutional level.  The departments will include at least two Student Learning Outcome Assessments each academic year. Additionally, each instructional department will establish one or two objectives each academic year in support of the college’s frameworks linked to the NCTC Strategic Plan.   As departmental objectives are linked to the Strategic Frameworks and Goals and are implemented and completed, the Strategic Plan becomes implemented, institution-wide assessment occurs, improvements are implemented, and feedback from the assessment links to future planning.

The Institutional Research Office and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee will assist departments in documenting their plans, goals, and objectives, and will monitor the assessment and use of results.  The Framework Champions and the Strategic Planning Committee will monitor the progress towards implementing the Strategic Plan, institution-wide, annually, over the five-year period.   The following table provides a sample assessment timeline and the Institutional Effectiveness Committee contacts.

Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning Assessment Timeline
YEAR Columns to be completed Deadline
2009-2010 Columns 1-4 August 30, 2009
2009-2010 Columns 1-4 Reviewed September 30, 2009
2009-2010 Columns 5-6 May 31, 2010
2009-2010 Columns 5-6 Reviewed June 30, 2010
Members of the Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning Committee are available to assist departments with completing the IE/SP form.  If you need assistance with completing this form, please contact one of the committee members listed below:
Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning Contacts
David Brown - Ext. 3331 Debbie Sharp - Ext. 3305
Steve Broyles - Ext. 3300 Roy Culberson - Ext  6236
Mike Scott - Ext. 6289 Tiffani Walker - Ext. 3393
Jessica DeRoche - Ext. 6212 Crystal Wright - Ext. 4320
Beverly Snow – Ext. 6231  

Department supervisors are accountable for overseeing the development and completion of their objectives annually, and for the use of results in future planning.  Vice Presidents and Deans are accountable for ensuring the completion of the goals and objectives in their areas, for monitoring progress in fulfilling the Strategic Plan, and applying results/findings to future planning and resource allocation decisions.


Strategic Planning & Institutional Effectiveness Model

Institutional effectiveness and Strategic Planning (IE/SP) is often described as an on-going, college-wide process of planning and outcomes assessment, documenting that the college is achieving its mission and goals, and continually improving its programs and services. It is a systematic collection, review, and use of information undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development  and improving service and administrative outcomes.  The following model represents NCTC process: