Institutional Effectiveness Committee

The Institutional Effectiveness Committee leads all aspects of the institution's quality enhancement efforts including the implementation of IE/SP units, review of outcome statements, evaluation of assessment documentation, and utilization of results to improve. The Committee promotes meaningful and lasting improvement in regard to institutional effectiveness training for college personnel.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Attend Institutional Effectiveness Committee meetings.
  2. Oversee and provide input into the institutional effectiveness process.
  3. Provide instructions and information to the departments for completing their institutional effectiveness assessment.
  4. Coordinate with the Strategic Planning Committee to assist in the development of the IE/SP document to ensure that the strategic plans are being addressed. 
  5. Review each department’s assessment documents and make recommendations for improvement in their assessment plan.
  6. Review their assessment results and use of results to ensure departments are utilizing the results to make modifications and improvements.
  7. Evaluate the institutional effectiveness process and make appropriate changes.



  • David Brown, Director of Institutional Research
  • Steve Broyles, Dean of Administrative Services
  • Mike Scott, Counselor
  • Jessica DeRouche, Director of Student Services
  • Roy Culberson, Dean of Corinth Campus
  • Tiffani Walker, Radiology Faculty
  • Debbie Sharp, Vice President of Advancement
  • Crystal Wright, Department Chair, Social Sciences
  • Beverly Snow, Associate Director of Library Services