The Humanities comprise those fields of knowledge and learning concerned with human thought, experience, and creativity.  By exploring the foundations of aesthetic, ethical, and cultural values and the ways in which they may endure, be challenged, or transformed, the study of Humanities helps us appreciate and understand what distinguishes us as human beings as well as what unites us. The Humanities are fundamentally acts of interdisciplinary investigation and reflection about different cultures across space and time.  Humanists study the diverse means by which humans beings in every age and culture explore, understand, and change their world.  The Humanities enable us to think about and think through issues that confront us as global citizens of the twenty-first century.   

The study of Humanities is critical to the liberal education of students in a modern world.  Not only is it essential for the development of solidly grounded general knowledge, it is also key to historical development, to literary and artistic imagination and linguistic appreciation, to sound ethical and philosophical judgment, and to a rich cultural understanding of the world around us. 

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