Role and Scope:

The two main Government courses (GOVT 2305 & GOVT 2306) offered at NCTC are part of the Core Curriculum. These two courses are required by the State of Texas for all graduates of state colleges and universities, so that every student has a basic understanding of our U.S. and Texas governments. The goal is for every student to be an informed participant in the democratic process. GOVT 2304 is currently for elective credit and those who want to have a deeper understanding of our system by comparing it to other systems around the world.

The standard approach to teaching government at North Central Texas College is to teach one 3 hour course in US Government and one 3 hour course in State & Local Government.  The Coordinating Board of Higher Education has approved all colleges and universities to use this method of teaching government starting in the fall of 2013.

Courses Offered:

GOVT2304 - Introduction to Political Science
An introductory survey of political science focused on the scope and methods of the field.  Substantive topics in the discipline will include the theoretical foundation of politics, political interaction, political institutions and political systems function.  Comparative methods will be used to examine other systems of government and compare them to the democratic structure of the United States.
48 lecture hours - 3 credit hours

GOVT2305 - American, State and Local Government
A survey of the political system of the United States including: the United States Constitution, the three branches of the government; political theory, political parties, interest groups and the media.  This course is required for graduation and teacher certification.
48 lecture hours - 3 credit hours

GOVT2306 - Texas State Government

A survey of the state and local political structures of Texas including: the geographical and political environment of Texas, the three branches of state government, the federal system, county and municipal governments, special districts, the Texas Constitution and a comparison of Texas' political system with other states.  This course is required for graduation and teacher certification.
48 lecture hours - 3 credit hours

Note: GOVT 2305 & 2306 are taught in the traditional classroom and online. It does not matter which sequence these courses are taken. These courses may be taken simultaneously, but that is not recommended.


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Declaration Of Independence

This photo are taken in the actual room
where the Declaration of Independence
was signed. Ninety percent of the outside
structure of Independence Hall is
authentic and 75% of the inside structure
is authentic.

Signing of the Civil Rights Bill

This is a photo of the actual signing of
the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. That is
President Johnson seated at the table
signing the bill. Courtesy of the LBJ
Library located in Austin, Texas at:

Famous Speech by MLK

This photo is of Dr. Martin Luther King
giving his famous "I Have A Dream
Speech" during the 1963 March on
Washington. This photo is courtesy of
the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis,