Department of Behavioral and Cultural Sciences

Faculty & Staff




Kathy Corley

Gov/History/Sociology Faculty

Office #130, Bowie




Dr. Rhett Davy

Sociology Faculty

Office #826, Gainesville




Dr. Cherly Furdge

Criminal Justice/Socio Faculty

Office #339, Corinth



Leslie Kelley

Department Co-Chair

Psychology Faculty

Office #337, Corinth



Dr. Franz Klutschkowski

Psychology Faculty

Office #107, Flower Mound
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Ann Norcross

Psychology Faculty

Office #817, Gainesville



Moses Omane-Boateng

Govt/Econ/Socio Faculty

Office #334, Corinth




stacie stoutmeyer


Stacie Stoutmeyer

Sociology Faculty

Office #339, Corinth




Melissa Roberts

Departmental Assistant

Office #331, Corinth





Adjunct Instructors with 3+ Years Experience at NCTC


Pat Easley: (Anthropology)

Jesse Todd: (Anthropology)

Matt Diggs: (Psychology)

Katie La: (Psychology)


Shirley McCaskill: (Psychology)

Francia Noble: (Psychology)

Joe Rivas: (Psychology)

Dr. Brandy Roane: (Psychology)

Dr. Ben Dickerson: (Sociology)

Dan Hampton: (Sociology)

Vineeta Malhotra: (Sociology)

Mike Preston: (Sociology)        

Department of Behavioral & Cultural Sciences
Faculty & Staff