Graham Lifelong Learning Classes


Lifelong Learning is proud to offer classes at the NCTC Graham campus. Each semester, we try to bring interesting programs and new ideas to NCTC’s western-most campus.


To enroll, please call the Graham Campus at 940-521-0720 or visit us at 928 Cherry Street


Must be 18 years or older to register.





Did you know that history can be learned not just in the classroom or in books, but also from your own neighborhood? In this class, we’ll undertake a neighborhood survey to find out what the building can tell us about the past. Please bring a camera (digital preferred) and wear comfortable shoes as we’ll walk outside to reconnoiter the neighborhood.  (6 hrs)

HIS 2000 080 133Q   Saturdays       5/3 to 5/24      10 am to 11:30 am   GRA E2       $39            Deadline: 4/25



Enrollment Process for Special Interest Classes

1. Enroll using Registration Form

2. Come by or call us to register: 940-668-4272 or 940-498-6270 or 972-899-8419

3. Payment is required at time of registration


Seeking qualified instructors for this course. Please contact the Lifelong Learning Division at (940) 668-4272. Make applications here: