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On-site Classes






Art Classes

Have a fun time while learning and practicing ceramics, sculpture, jewelry making, and writing

College Prep
Parents and students can learn about the SAT, ACT and scholarship opportunities

Prepare meals from the Mediterranean or take our new Cake Decorating Series


Dance Classes

Waltz to fun while learning ballroom, country, and line dance moves

Learn more about your financial safety



Stay fit and healty with Tai Chi, Hiking, Self Defense, Yoga, and Diabetes care

Preserve local history or learn about how history still affects us now

Interior Design
Trying to sell your home or just redecorate? Learn the basics of interior design



Practice your Italian, French, Spanish, and Sign Language

Know your legal rights


Photography and Film

Be a pro in photography with Digital, Restoration, and Intro classes



Become handy in Small Engine Repair, Lawn Equipment, Flight Ground School, Auto Care, and Blacksmithing

Learn at an introductory level or take a more advanced sewing course

Speech and Performance
Become a better public speaker or learn how to turn your passion for singing into a career


Travel and Leisure

Ride the A-Train or plan a vacation


Writing Classes

Find the art in imagery, write memoirs for your grandchildren, or learn more about poetry and prose





On-line Classes


Note: all on-line courses are offered through a vendor and payment must be made directly to the vendor. The vendor, Ed2Go, is the standard-bearer and pioneer in on-line education and is a trusted and vetted source for personal enrichment.


Creative Writing

Hone your skills in fiction, non-fiction, and market writing.

Genealogy Basics

For the first-time family history researcher.



On-line language courses in Spanish and French.


Music and Art Courses

Learn the guitar, write some poetry, and discover your inner artist.


Personal Development

Are you curious about something and want to explore it further? Here are some classes to satiate your questions.


Personal Finances

Get hip to your financial future with these courses.



Learn how to get your voice out there by becoming self-published.


Test Preparations

GED, GRE, SAT? We've got a class for that.




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