HVAC Technician


You will finish this course with designation as a Certified HVAC Technician in Texas.  This five-course training program not only prepares you for opportunities in the field of air conditioning, heating and refrigeration, but provides cutting-edge instruction for analysis of home energy efficiency and retrofitting. Textbook, supplies and registration fee for TDLR application/registration included.   (359 hours)


Fall Admission Only 



•  Age Requirements:  18+

  Education Requirements:  GED® or High School Diploma

  Must pass required Math Assessment   

  Must pass Criminal Background Check          



This track includes the following course sequence:

HART 1041 Residential Air Conditioning

Identify various types of system applications; perform charging, recovery, and evacuation procedures of an installed system; perform component and part diagnostics and replacement; and perform system maintenance. (88 hrs)


HART 1001 Basic Electricity for HVAC 

You will gain knowledge of basic principles of electricity, electrical current, circuitry, and air conditioning devices; apply Ohm's law to electrical calculations; perform electrical continuity, voltage, and current tests with appropriate meters; and demonstrate electrical safety. (88 hrs) 


HART 1056 EPA Recovery Certification Prep 

You will define refrigerant recovery, recycle, and reclaim terms; explain refrigerant recovery, recycle, and reclaim procedures; analyze refrigerant recovery, recycle, and reclaim operations; identify Type I, Type II, and Type III appliances; examine and utilize Section 608 of the Clean Air Act of 1990 Refrigerant, Recycle, and Reclaim to determine compliance. (55 hrs)


RBPT 2059 Residential Building Performance Consulting

Demonstrate proper testing and reporting procedures associated with residential energy and environmental building performance; using a whole-house approach, demonstrate methods for recommending building performance improvements; and discuss material covered in residential building performance specialist certification exams. (64 hrs)


HART 1007 Refrigeration Principles

Identify refrigeration components; explain operation of the basic refrigeration cycle and heat transfer; demonstrate proper application and/or use of tools, test equipment, and safety procedures. (64 hrs)  




FALL 2014



HART 1041 001 141Q - Residential Air Conditioning

HART 1001 001 141Q - Basic Electricity for HVAC

HART 1056 001 141Q - EPA Recovery Certification Prep

RBPT 2059 001 141Q - Residential Building Performance Consulting

HART 1007 001 142Q - Refrigeration Principles



Course ID: Must enroll in entire track (see above)
M & W       9/15/2014 to 8/31/2015      6 pm to 10 pm
CTC 2100   $ 3,000                          Payment Plan

Deadline to enroll is September 11








Coordinator: Kenny Smith

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No appointment necessary. Please bring all required documentation.

Enrollments begin: January for Spring, May for Summer, August for Fall

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