Machining Technology




Earn a Marketable Skills Achievement Award by progressing through all five tracks of our revised, state-of-the-art Machining course that will teach you layout, blueprints, jig bore and grinder, precision measuring, CNC lathes, G codes, tool paths, and precision production. Join an occupation that is in-demand throughout the United States. This course is WIA eligible. (304 hrs total)




•  Age Requirements:  18+

  Education Requirements:  GED or High School Diploma

  Must pass required Math Assessment   




This new, revised five-part course features hands-on application in our vocational training lab with state-of-the-art mill and lathe simulators. You will study manufacturing methods, processes, related equipment, and tools of industry.  You’ll understand and practice shop safety practices, job planning, feeds and speeds, layout tools and procedures, hand tools and bench work, metal cutting saws, drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, jig bore and jig grinder, surface grinder, E.D.M, and abrasives.  A focus is placed on the relationship of engineering drawings as related to the manufacture of a working part and mathematical calculations for the industry. Tuition includes textbook. (304 hrs)

    • Must be 18 years or older
    • Must provide proof of HS Diploma or GED
    • Math Assessment required

MCHN 1038  Basic Machine Shop
Set up lathe, milling machine, drill press. Use precision insturments, bench work, interpret blueprints, preform preventative maintenance. (64 hrs)

MCHN 1043   Machine Shop Math
Conversion methods of fractions to decimals and back; formulas to solve measurement problems. (64 hrs)

MCHN 1013 Basic Milling Operations
Describe milling machine parts and functions; identify types of milling machines; describe the difference between climb and conventional milling; calculate speeds and feeds for milling machines; set up milling machines; and operate milling machines. (64 hrs)

MCHN 1008 Basic Lathe
Identify engine lathe components; match cutting speeds and feeds to materials; list safety procedures; identify machine accessories; identify types of lathes; use formulas to calculate speeds and feeds; set up basic lathe operations; perform metal removing operations such as turning, facing, drilling, grooving, turning on centers, and threading; and perform basic machine maintenance. (64 hrs)

DFTG 1009 Basic Computer-Aided Drafting
Identify terminology and basic functions used with CAD software; use CAD hardware and software to create, organize, display, and plot/print working drawings; and use file management techniques. (64 hrs)


FALL 2014


MCHN 1038 002 134Q  Basic Machine Shop
MCHN 1043 002 134Q  Machine Shop Math
MCHN 1013 002 134Q  Basic Milling Operations
MCHN 1008 002 134Q  Basic Lathe
DFTG 1009 100 134Q   Basic Computer-Aided Drafting    



Course ID:  Must enroll in entire track (see above)
8/25/14 to 2/12/15
M, W, R             6 pm to 9:50 pm
Saturdays (4)    8 am to 12 pm
CTC2100    $3,000              Payment Plan
Deadline to enroll is August 21, 2014





Coordinator: Kenny Smith

General questions? Call 940-668-4272

WIA? Call 940-498-6272



No appointment necessary. Please bring all required documentation.

Enrollments begin: January for Spring, May for Summer, August for Fall

*Our assessments have changed! Please click here to see our full policy. 

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