Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enroll in a course?

Go here to learn what you need to do to enroll in a class. For questions, call 940-668-4272 (Gainesville) or 940-498-6270 (Corinth).


Where are classes held at the Gainesville Campus?

They are held at the CTC (Career & Technology Building), which is Building Number 2100.


Where are classes held in Corinth?

They are held at Pinnell Square, which is the strip mall just west of the NCTC Main Campus building in Corinth. The classes are inside Suite 307.


Where are your locations? How can I find you?

Click here for driving directions and links to maps!


Do you hold classes in Flower Mound?

Yes, we offer healthcare, computer, and community interest classes.


What is Lifelong Learning? How is it different from college?

Lifelong Learning is the non-credit division of NCTC. Our mission is to help students gain skills needed in the workforce, and to enrich their lives through new experiences. Learning is a constant pursuit - there's no such thing as "having learned enough." Unlike college classes taken for credit, our classes tend to be shorter, less formal, and user-friendly. Students receive Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.) instead of college credits. Please note that C.E.U.s are not transferable to other colleges. However, they are respected and used in the workforce.


Can I take classes at any campus?

Yes! Take classes where they are offered, or where they are most convenient for you.


I am really bad at ____ (math, welding, writing, etc). Can you help me?

Yes - our instructors are dedicated professionals whose job it is to make sure you succeed!


For the computer classes, is having my own computer necessary?

Mostly, no. Please check the requirements for individual classes, however.


I need help on finding direction in my career choices. Can you help me?

Of course! Our Lifelong Learning Career Advisor offers assessments, advising sessions, and current information on career trends.


Can federal financial aid pay for Lifelong Learning classes?

Any aid received from the FAFSA form CANNOT be used for Lifelong Learning. However, other options are available.



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