Network+ and Security+


Learn how to configure, troubleshoot, set up, and maintain networking and security appliances. Companies like Dell, HP, Sharp, and Xerox require these certifications in their networking and security departments. These courses prepare students to take the Network+ and Security+ exams.


You might be eligible for the HB-1 Grant to fund your training! 


ITNW 1058 Network +

Identify and define terminology, hardware, and software components of computer networks; utilize equipment, protocols, and topologies to differentiate between various network systems; demonstrate skills in installing network hardware, software, and cable; troubleshoot network connectivity; configure network protocol; install and configure network client software. (3 credit hours)

ITSY 1042 Security +

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidelines and other best practices; develop backup procedures to provide for data security; identify computer and network threats and vulnerabilities and methods to prevent their effects; use tools to enhance network security; and use encryption techniques to protect network data. (3 credit hours)




Coordinator: Michael Hake

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