Help Desk Technician


Learn how to effectively communicate to clients and customers about issues involving their PCs, peripherals, and networks. Completion of this program allows students to obtain a Level I Workforce Certificate at NCTC.


You might be eligible for the HB-1 Grant to fund your training! 



POFI 2001 Word Processing

Word processing software focusing on business applications, advanced formatting, and special functions to produce documents. Textbook not included in fee. (3 credit hours)


POFI 1049 Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet terminology and concepts; data calculations; formulas, functions, workbooks, graphics, charts, reports, and special functions. Textbook not included in fee. (3 credit hours)

ITSC 1025 Personal Computer Hardware

Assembly, set up, and upgrade of PC systems; diagnose and isolate faulty components; optimize system performance; install/connect peripherals. Textbook not included in fee. (3 credit hours)


EECT 1000 Technical Customer Support

Discuss internal/external customer relationships; respond to customer questions and complaints in a polite and thorough manner; update customers on work progress to maintain customer satisfaction and public relations; communicate technical information in a clear, precise and logical manner; and identify verbal and non-verbal communications skills. (3 credit hours)

ITSW 1007 Introduction to Database

Identify database terminology and concepts; plan, define, and design a database; design and generate tables, forms, and reports; and devise and process queries. (3 credit hours)






Coordinator: Michael Hake

Questions? 972-899-8419


Enrollment Process for Advanced Technology Programs

 1. Complete H1B Advanced Technology Information Request Form

2. Attend information session (provided in response e-mails)

3. Follow all steps to gain admission..