Statistics Resources


American FactFinder

U.S. Census Bureau demographic information discovery tool.



Population Reference Bureau with data from around the world.


Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP)

Need to know the impact of the recession on states? The lesson learned from deficit reductions? Since 1981 the Center has conducted research and provided analysis for state and federal fiscal policy and public programs. The reports, which are online beginning with the 1996 publications, cover public policy regarding fiscal issues, poverty, health, housing, social security, taxation, and welfare reform.


EIA: Official Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government

Energy Information Administration site, providing current and historical statistics as well as analysis of energy production, demand, trade, and prices.

"Our mission is to make granular socioeconomic data freely and practically available. Our current resource covers several hundred points of demographic data for virtually every zip code, city, county, and state in the US."

Migration in America (Forbes)

Forbes staff writer Jon Bruner writes that Americans are enormously mobile. His interactive visualization based on IRS data illustrates these patterns by tracing inward and outward moves for every US county.


National Center for Health Statistics

A part of the Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control And Prevention website compiles health statistical information for the U.S.


National Center for Health Statistics Fast Facts


Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

"Brings together data from more than 100 sources about many aspects of criminal justice in the United States."


State and County Demographic and Economic Profiles


Statistical Abstract of the United States


Statistical Resources on the Web

Select list compiled by the University of Michigan Documents Center



From Library Journal: "'A world of information' is at your fingertips by browsing data series or searching by keyword more than 55 million records from the databases of the UN on employment, education, energy, environment, health, population, refugees, and much more."


United States Census Bureau

"The Census Bureau serves as the leading source of quality data about the nation's people and economy."


United States Trade Statistics

Foreign Agricultural Service's U.S. Trade Internet System, reporting United States international trade statistics on Agricultural, Fish, Forest and Textile Products from the inception of the Harmonized coding system in 1989 to the present.