Biography Resources



Database of 15,000 biographies from A&E searchable by person's name, keyword, or category.


Colonial Hall

Biographies of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.


Distinguished Women

Biographies of famous women--living and deceased--from various walks of life and countries.  The database is searchable by name or by field.


First Ladies of the United States

The National First Ladies Library is sponsored by the National First Ladies Museum.  For biographical information, click on the portrait then click on the Biographical Information button.


First Ladies

White House website with information and portraits of the nation's first ladies.


Inventor's Hall of Fame

Search by inventor, invention, or decade for information about the inventor and the impact of his/her invention.


Nobel Prize Internet Archive

Check out the Nobel Gossip Bulletin Board for an alphabetical list of winners and an alphabetical list by category as well as other interesting information about the prize and its winners.


Presidents of the United States (POTUS)

"...background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and some points of interest on each of the presidents. Links to biographies, historical documents, audio and video files, and other presidential sites are also included."


Presidents of the United States

White House website with information and portrait's of the nation's chief executive.


Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Biographical and career information about all inductess since the Hall of Fame was established in 1986.

Search or browse brief biographies of famous people.