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Honors students are required to complete a minimum of 5 hours of service each semester.  Often times, students are already doing some service but we encourage Honors students to use this opportunity as a way to meet professionals in their fields and make connections in the community.


In the past, students have held Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns, raised funds for non-profit organizations such as Care Highway and the Community for Permanent Supported Housing, and volunteered at shelters and foodbanks.  Students can also volunteer in leadership roles in PTK or the Honors program. 

Honors students can also combine their service with causes that they are already connected to and passionate about.  Likewise, we encourage students to find a way to connect their service to their Honors contract work (Honors students have written reports and offered freelance writing for nonprofits as part of their Honors contract and community service).  

Go out into your community and do good work!  Get creative!  Meet new friends!  Make a difference in your community!

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