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One important component of the Honors program is Honors Coursework.  These Honors courses are opportunities for students to engage in meaningful research that informs their academic interests and to grow as both a student and scholar. 

For students to graduate "with Honors," they must complete at least 12 hours of Honors coursework during their academic career at NCTC.

Each semester, Honors students complete one Honors designated course or one Honors contracted course. 


HONORS DESIGNATED COURSES: These are courses specifically designated as an "Honors course."  Each semester, the Honors program offers specific Honors courses in disciplines such as English, Philosophy, Humanities, and History.

HONORS CONTRACT COURSES: Students who are not taking an Honors-designated course will complete an "Honors contract" in one course of their choosing.  These contracted courses are opportunities for students to investigate interesting and relevant projects on topics developed in conjunction with NCTC faculty. At the end of the semester, all Honors students share their projects as part of the Research Presentations.

Honors Studies

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