Cost Considerations for Radiology Students

Summary of Costs:  the total per-semester cost of enrolling in the Radiology Program at North Central Texas College is the sum of:


  1. 1. Tuition
  1. 2.  "Combined" Student Fees
  1. 3.  Laboratory Fees
  1. 4.  Textbooks
  1. 5.  Supplies & Incidentals


Except for items 5, charges are figured just s they are for all other students.  However, Radiology Students should be aware that, due to the special nature of the program, expenses in categories 3-5 will probably be considerable higher than those paid by students in most other majors.


Estimated cost for the entire Associate Degree Radiology Program:






Laboratory Fees:  These are extra fees charged for all courses requiring a lab (in addition to the classroom lecture).  For Radiology students, a lab fee of $24.00 will also be charged for each clinical course.



Textbooks:  Radiology textbooks are highly specialized medical books and can be expensive - as much as $900.00 or more the first semester.  Keep in mind that the Radiology Program is an integrated course of study, meaning you'll buy most of your books during the first semester.  Therefore, book costs will be considerably less in later semesters.  For students not yet officially admitted to the Radiology Program and who will be taking general education courses, textbooks costs will vary according to which particular courses are taken, but on average plan to spend a minimum of about $30.00 per semester hour for books.


Supplies & Incidentals:  Once admitted to clinicals, Radiology Students will need to buy uniforms, patches, a lab coat, and shoes.  Also, the student will need normal school supplies, and other costs will include such items as major medical insurance, physical examination (including immunizations), Hepatitis B Vaccine (Series of Three Shots), CPR Training, Assessment Test Fees, Graduations Fees, State Board Fees, and School Pin.  Additional fees for Malpractice Insurance, Drug Testing and Criminal Background Testing will be added to the tuition/fees bill.  Additional costs may include living expenses while attending the pediatric or radiation therapy clinical rotations.  Some of these expenses will not be incurred until the latter part of the program.


NOTE:  All tuition rates, fees, and other elements of expense for attending North Central Texas College are subject to change by the NCTC Board of Regents